LA Clippers content we want to see from the NBA bubble

Patrick Beverley LA Clippers (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Patrick Beverley LA Clippers (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

The LA Clippers can bring fans into the NBA bubble with some of this content.

The upcoming return of NBA action in a controlled, campus environment (or bubble) gives the LA Clippers a unique opportunity to bring their fans in with behind-the-scenes content. Even though fans won’t be able to attend games for the foreseeable future, the team can come up with creative ways to keep them involved for the remainder of what they hope will be a run to the 2019-20 NBA title.

We’ve come up with a few ideas the LA Clippers can totally use to create NBA-bubble specific content.

Patrick Beverley Roast Battle

The LA Clippers point guard is known for his defense, tenacity, and trash-talking. While he may have some hesitation about rushing back into action, once he’s there, we know he’ll be fully committed to winning.

Beverley’s trash-talking is the stuff of legend and the Clippers can capitalize on the opportunity by having the loud-mouth point guard challenge any and all comers to NBA bubble Roast Battles and sharing them via social media.

Opposing NBA players can do their best to match Beverley in a contest of wits and braggadocio for fans entertainment. It could be the NBA’s version of 8 Mile for everyone’s enjoyment.

Pep Talks with Doc Rivers

LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers is known for demanding a lot from his players but also knowing how to get it. He instilled the “Ubuntu” philosophy in his days as the coach for the NBA Champion Boston Celtics and has lead the Clippers to success in various stages of development. He knows how to talk to players to bring them together and get the most out of them.

His halftime pep talk quote “If you want to go quickly, do it alone. But if you want to go far, you do it together” even made it into an inspiring moment in the recent movie Uncut Gems.

Rivers can help spread a little inspiration to fans by releasing daily affirmations and pep talks to help us through moments where we are feeling a bit uninspired. We know it would help pump us up and get us hyped to watch the Clippers from the comfort of our own homes.

Workouts with Montrezl Harrell

Speaking of motivation, we could all use a little extra inspiration when it comes to getting our home workouts in while stuck in quarantine. Look no further than Monsta Trez himself, as we know giving fans access to watching Montrezl Harrell during his own workouts would motivate us to get our butts off the couch.

Harrell is a high-motor, exciting player and getting to watch him do his thing in the weight room, or even better, having him lead a fitness routine video would really get our hearts pumping and bodies moving.

Movie Parties with Patrick Patterson

LA Clippers reserve forward Patrick Patterson has already been hosting virtual movie night watch parties during the quarantine. The team can take advantage of his knowledge and experience and have him continue to host these online events for fans while encouraging other players to join him as guests.

Fellow Clippers teammates can suggest their own favorite movies to watch with Patterson, and fans can virtually join in to get some additional entertainment when there’s a lull in basketball action.

Brotherly Love

Brothers Marcus and Markieff Morris recently aired their disagreements on who they each thought would win a seven-game series if the Clippers and Lakers faced each other. The twins obviously have a great, playfully-antagonistic relationship with each other, and having them create content together during the NBA bubble would obviously lead to must-watch television.

We think the pair would thrive as the host of their own, Anthony Bourdain-inspired, travel and food show that takes place entirely in the NBA campus environment. The two can share meals and chats with guests as they talk about their time in the NBA, their travels around the league, and rib each other about the past and potential future meetings on the floor.

This is must-see TV!

DJ Lou Williams

LA Clippers guard Lou Williams isn’t just a perennial candidate for the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award, he is also a former radio show host. During his playing days in Philadelphia, Williams hosted a radio show in the city, and we wouldn’t mind seeing him bring this back during the NBA bubble.

Williams would be able to share his favorite songs, tell stories from behind the scenes, and bring on guests for interviews and to hear some of their favorite music as well.

He’s got the experience, and we know we’d want to listen to hear what he has to say.

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While NBA players will certainly be focused on the task at hand once basketball action resumes, there will certainly still be time for them to give fans a glimpse of their lives behind-the-scenes. Without being able to actually attend games, fans would certainly appreciate the inside access and unprecedented look at the lives of NBA players.