LA Clippers: Morris twins disagree on potential Clippers vs. Lakers winner

LA Clippers Marcus Morris (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Marcus Morris (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Marcus and Markieff Morris recently discussed the possible outcome of an LA Clippers vs. Lakers series.

Historically, the rivalry between the LA Clippers and their in-building rivals the Lakers isn’t really much of a rivalry at all. The Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in NBA history, winning 16 titles, dating back to their time in Minneapolis. The Clippers are still searching for their first ring as a franchise.

In recent years, things have changed, as the Clippers have made moves to be taken more seriously as a franchise. Under the ownership of Steve Ballmer, they have revamped their roster into a championship contender, brought themselves a new identity, and look to move into their own stadium in the near future. Ballmer even had to reach $400 million deep into his pockets to buy the Lakers’ former home in order to make the last part happen.

The Clippers/Lakers rivalry might be hotter than ever. With the teams currently sitting at the top of the Western Conference standings, an All Los Angeles Conference Finals seems likely to happen. As fate would have it, each Los Angeles team has also acquired one of the Morris twins to extend the in-city rivalry to a blood rivalry as well.

The Clippers acquired Marcus Morris from the New York Knicks this season in a trade deadline deal on February 6. A few weeks later, twin brother Markieff was signed by the Lakers after being waived by the Detroit Pistons.

The twins recently discussed the possibility of a Clippers vs. Lakers playoff series, and the possible outcome, with both brothers choosing their own team as victorious.

In the video from Bleacher Report, Marcus was a little more even-keeled about the potential series, saying that the Clippers would win the series in a game seven blowout. In retaliation, Markieff says that the Lakers would “realistically” win in a four-game sweep.

The good-natured trash-talking between brothers provides us with a light-hearted look at the rivalry between the teams. We’d love to see what Patrick Beverley would have to add to the conversation.

Currently, Marcus is contributing more to his squad’s success than his twin brother. The six-foot-eight forward was immediately inserted in the Clippers starting lineup and is averaging 9.5 points and 4.0 rebounds in 28.3 minutes per game. Markieff is coming off the bench for the Lakers, logging 4.8 points and 3.3 rebounds in 14.8 minutes per game in his eight contests with the team.

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If Marcus really wants to up the trash talk, he can make things a little more personal and throw his stats and playing time in his brother’s face. Hopefully, we’ll get to see this sibling, and city rivalry play itself out on the court.