LA Clippers: Patrick Beverley’s hesitation to return is warranted

LA Clippers Patrick Beverley (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images)
LA Clippers Patrick Beverley (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The LA Clippers’ Patrick Beverley’s concern about returning to playing is warranted.

Patrick Beverley is tough. There’s no denying that. “Tough” isn’t always just playing through injury and being feisty on the basketball court. As the rest of the league is eager to get back, the LA Clippers’ guard told Scott Van Pelt of ESPN that he is hesitant to return due to concern about how it would affect people he interacts with.

That’s tough.

Beverley understands that the Clippers are doing everything possible to keep their players safe, even stating that he figures the team’s facility is the cleanest place in Los Angeles. Still, he has his mother to worry about. He has his kids to worry about. He other family and friends that could become infected. If he’s concerned about their health, no one can blame him for not wanting to come back yet.

"“I just want things to kinda calm down a little bit more and kinda go back to normal before we get to jumping in cold tubs, hot tubs, laundry being done and all that type of stuff. I wanna be prepared. It’s not for my health, but for the people I interact with, friends and family.”"

Patrick Beverley wants to exercise caution for those around him.

Now, this doesn’t mean he won’t play. In fact, Bev says he is ready to undergo the necessary testing when the league ultimately does make a decision. He has a problem with that process too, though.

Beverley also informed Van Pelt that he has not really heard anything directly from the league as they continue to discuss ways to resume. Instead, he has found out like the rest of us from social media.

I get the concern. He is going to have to go with whatever the league and the Player’s Union decide. Should the players be getting updates on the ongoing talks as they are happening? Absolutely. At the least, send out an email.

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Beverley will continue to wait for updates like the rest of us, so keep checking back here for all your Clippers’ news, coverage, and opinions.