Rumor: Dallas Mavericks not interested in DeAndre Jordan

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: DeAndre Jordan
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: DeAndre Jordan /

The Dallas Mavericks are reportedly not interested in Los Angeles Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan as he may enter free agency this summer.

The Los Angeles Clippers’ center DeAndre Jordan signed a 4 year, $88 million contract on July 9, 2015 after a much publicized Twitter event on July 8th. While Jordan did agree to sign with the Mavericks during the moratorium at the start of free agency, he was not able to sign with a team until July 9th at 12:01am. It took a Clipper team led by Paul Pierce, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and J.J. Redick to have their second go around of negotiations after some doubt crept into Jordan’s mind.

That day cemented relationships and helped heal others. It was enough for the center to instead resign with the Clippers and not the Dallas Mavericks at 12:01am and that infamous day now lives forever with NBA Twitter.

The Clippers signed their center to a four-year deal with a player option. Looking back, it seems like forever ago and in that time the team has two first round exits and missing the playoffs all together. Now, the time has come for a new deal to possibly be struck.

Looking forward

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Jordan still can opt in or opt out and has until June 29th, so by that day he will need to make a decision. If he opts in, the Clippers can still shop their big and look for some more pieces as they rebuild and give Jordan a fresh start with a new franchise. If he opts out, then he would be an unrestricted free agent, allowing his agent to negotiate with another team.

Most teams do not have a lot of cap space to give him a max deal and his role in the new NBA might not see a lucrative pay-day for a player with his skill set.

Jordan’s limitations are well documented, but he can still play a big role with a contender. Jordan’s name has been attached to rumors often since the early Lob City days and yet he ended up being the last core member from Lob City still with the team. The Clippers hope to be players in this year’s free agency but understand their future depends on what Jordan does.


Rumors have been flying since the trade deadline about DeAndre Jordan and his decision this summer. Among those rumors was the idea that the Dallas Mavericks would be interested in Jordan. When asked if the Mavericks would try to sign the center, Eddie Sefko of Sports Daily had this to say:

"What do you make of this DeAndre Jordan chatter? Would the Mavs seriously be interested?Sefko: I’ve been told no."

Sefko goes on to mention ego possibly being a reason not to see them go after Jordan. That is understandable, especially after the last fiasco.

Jordan is still under contract, so it is not like any team can just make an offer. If he decides to leave and the Mavericks could get past the slight, they could have an interesting roster. Dennis Smith Jr. is going to be a star and being able to run with a sky walker could greatly benefit him.

While these are all rumors, it is still interesting to see if the Mavericks will actually make a run after Jordan if he declines his player option. Even if he opts in it would be interesting to see if, when, and where the Clippers possibly trade their longest tenure Clipper.