Post game: LA Clippers fall to the Utah Jazz 126-107

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 30: Austin Rivers
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 30: Austin Rivers /

The LA Clippers lost to the Utah Jazz 126-107 on Wednesday night in Staples Center, despite a good performance from Austin Rivers.

Get ready for a tough stretch Clippers’ fans. On Wednesday night, the LA Clippers fell to the Utah Jazz by a score of 126-107. The Clippers looked alright through three quarters, but completely collapsed in the 4th.

This game could have been a good starting point for the Clippers, who are still missing 4 of their 5 opening night starters. The Jazz are also depleted by injuries, so this was a winnable game.

The Good

Austin Rivers as the first option. Yes, he still catches a lot of unwarranted hate, but the dude showed up last night. He scored 25 points on 56.2% shooting. He also contributed 6 assists. The 25 points for him was a season high and he’ll likely have to continue with this scoring output until some starters return.

Other Good:

The Bad

There were a ton of young guy mistakes. Rotations didn’t work right and the offense looked stagnant when Lou Williams and Austin Rivers were off the floor. According to the LA Times, Doc Rivers understands that the young guys are an issue currently.

"(He) called the late defensive lapses “a big red flag … they’re fixable, but tough. You’re playing so many young guys … they’re learning. We’re switching. A lot of the communication, they messed it up. But they’re young … .”"

No boxing out on the defensive glass allowed the Jazz to score 12 second chance points in the 3rd quarter alone. This wasn’t just a young guy problem. It was the whole team. DeAndre did manage to pull down 16 rebounds, but he could have easily hit 20.

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Up Next

Things will have to get better. Luckily for the LA Clippers, they face off against a weak Dallas Mavericks team on Saturday afternoon, so they can possibly fix some of their mistakes while not getting beaten up too badly.