Blake Griffin’s injury may have altered other LA Clippers’ players timelines

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 20: Danilo Gallinari
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 20: Danilo Gallinari /

With the injury to Blake Griffin keeping him out for a reported 2 months, the LA Clippers’ may have changed the timelines for both Danilo Gallinari and Milos Teodosic.

Something is up in Los Angeles. Blake Griffin’s injury to his knee versus the Los Angeles Lakers  may have completely changed the LA Clippers’ timeline for their two other injured players: Danilo Gallinari and Milos Teodosic.

Prior to the injury to Blake, the LA Clippers’ reported that Milos Teodosic would be out until at least after Christmas. Meanwhile, Danilo Gallinari had not been given an official timetable. Now all of the sudden, we are being told that both could return in 5-10 games.

By my calculations, that would place Milos back possibly a full 2 weeks before Christmas. The Clippers had to change their tune once Blake went down. The team is in a soft spot in their schedule and must have figured that they could have somewhat coasted while easing Danilo and Milos along. Now, they are in a near panic as they are going to try and hold onto the hope that they can make the playoffs and be in a spot to contend when Blake Griffin does eventually return.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this. Yes, the guys may be recovering quicker than once thought, but with the schedule being relatively easy now, Doc may as well play who we have, evaluate different lineups and then slowly work back in the two Europeans.

Instead, expect Danilo back in the next week or so and Milos right after. It may make for some more interesting Clippers basketball now, but time will only tell if it’s the right decision.