The LA Clippers don’t seem interested nor full of effort


After starting the season 4-0, the LA Clippers have gone 1-5. A big part of the problem? The team doesn’t seem interested nor full of effort.

It’s been 9 games, but fans are starting to become fed up with the LA Clippers. Over the weekend, they dropped their two games in rather unspectacular fashion. Even after almost coming back after being down 25 to the Heat, something didn’t feel right.

After last night’s loss to the San Antonio Spurs, we started to get a lot of complaints coming our way via Twitter. (You’ll see some sprinkled throughout this piece) The major theme? The team is coming off as lazy, disinterested and directionless.

Something needs to change. The Clippers need to become interested again.

Where’s the effort?

First off, I’m not going to say that I expect every player to be perfect on every night. It’s just not humanly possible. These guys beat their bodies for 82 games a year plus playoffs. It’s unrealistic to think they won’t have off nights or even moments where they don’t seem to be that interested. Other than Patrick Beverley, who’s the last Clippers’ player you remember diving after a loose ball? I’ll wait. Some guys do give effort some times, but that’s not the point.

The problems myself and fans around the country have noticed seems to be as a collective. Last night, the Spurs seemed to get almost every loose ball. The stats show a pretty even game in rebounding, but had the Clips put more effort forth, maybe they heavily win the rebounding battle and are closer at the end of the game. Look at this example in the 3rd quarter:

Three guys. There were three guys standing there, just watching the ball. Meanwhile, 6’0″ Patty Mills jogs right up and grabs the rebound. That shouldn’t happen. The Spurs would end up scoring off the offensive rebound. If the Clips secure it, maybe they go down and cut the lead to 10. Who knows.

Comments like this are coming in more often. If you went to your job and flat out didn’t try for parts of the day, wouldn’t someone call you on it? Wouldn’t you want them to?

Let’s be real

The Clippers didn’t rebuild and put together a roster that they think can be a playoff squad. They have a bunch of solid players, including an All-Star center and a potential MVP candidate. However, they aren’t talent loaded like Golden State, Oklahoma City or even Houston. The Clippers will need to give full effort and try if they want to beat the top teams. What’s that old saying? Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work as hard.

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On any given night, the LA Clippers could outwork a talented team. They might not be able to across a seven game series, but throughout the regular season it’s doable. Hustle and effort in the regular season will not only build good habits for the post season, but will also help win games which can be crucial for seeding.


As a fan, I want my team to care as much as I do. I can guarantee you that if I were capable of playing in the NBA and living out a childhood dream, I would be playing with all my heart. Why can’t they?

I love my Clippers. I’ll support them whether they win a championship or are hoping for the top pick in the lottery. Like I said, I know they play 82 games and can’t put out 100% effort on every play, but why not do their best? If they are obviously not putting out the right effort, maybe Doc needs to play some young guys who will. But if he doesn’t and let’s this keep going on, then that’s another story…