Updated NBA2K24 ratings for the LA Clippers

Will Paul George of the LA Clippers be happy with his new NBA2K24 rating?
Will Paul George of the LA Clippers be happy with his new NBA2K24 rating? / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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Terance Mann: 77 Overall (+1)

It feels good to see a player like Mann get a boost. He's an unsung hero for this LA Clippers team. In this update of the game's ratings, 2K is singing his praises.

That shouldn't come as a surprise. Mann has seen an uptick in productivity lately. He's shooting 41.5% from three-point range in March, up from his 34.0% mark on the year. As a result, he's averaging 10.1 points per game this month, compared to 8.5 in 2023-24.

Amir Coffey: 74 Overall (-1)

With lower-rated players, the margins get narrower. Has Coffey done much to earn his demotion? No - but at 75, it doesn't take much to get demoted.

He's shooting 41.2% from three-point range on the year. He's shooting 39.5% in March. That's still a strong mark, but given that Coffey is effectively a three-point specialist, it's enough to earn him a slight drop in his rating.

P.J. Tucker: 73 Overall (+1)

Throw the stat book out the window. Frankly, it's never made sense to judge Tucker by his stats. As he nears the end of his career, that holds especially true.

Here's what matters: Tucker was at risk of falling out of this team's rotation. Recently, it feels like they've found a role for him. Therefore, he's one of the LA Clippers to see an increase in his NBA2K24 rating.