It is time for the LA Clippers to move on from P.J. Tucker

P.J. Tucker, LA Clippers
P.J. Tucker, LA Clippers / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Despite P.J. Tucker’s recent performance against the Milwaukee Bucks, his situation with the LA Clippers remains the same. This has been a prominent issue all season, and it could be one of the several reasons why the Clippers have been struggling lately.

Moreover, the Clippers’ front office hoped to trade Tucker at the deadline. Not only is the former NBA champion averaging career lows in nearly every category, but he has become too much of a liability for head coach Tyronn Lue. As a result, players such as Amir Coffey and Daniel Theis have taken most of the minute share.

Additionally, the Clippers will not need Tucker’s contributions on and off the court once the playoffs roll around. They already have enough talent, experience, and leadership on the current roster. There is simply no space for Tucker on the team, which is a significant sign the front office should find a way to move on.

P.J. Tucker’s short tenure with the LA Clippers must come to an end.

At this point in P.J. Tucker’s career, he has lost his mobility, athleticism, and scoring ability, giving the LA Clippers every reason to buy him out. Unfortunately, Tucker was unwilling to accept a buyout earlier in the year.

Conversely, Tucker is in the dream scenario for any veteran in the later stages of their career. He is getting paid $11 million, on a championship-contending team, and playing with some of the best superstars in the world, including James Harden, his long-time friend.

Furthermore, Tucker has a player option for next season, which is due at the end of June. If he declines, he will become a free agent and be allowed to sign with the team of his choice.

Next. One change the LA Clippers can make to adjust their defense. One change the LA Clippers can make to adjust their defense. dark

That said, as the trade deadline has passed, the LA Clippers should wait to solve this issue until the offseason. There should be nothing in the way of their championship aspirations, even if that is a player who is unhappy with their circumstances.