LA Clippers star makes bold statement about team

James Harden made a bold statement about the LA Clippers
James Harden made a bold statement about the LA Clippers / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The 2023-24 NBA season has been a rollercoaster for the LA Clippers. Recently, they've been on the downward part - or the upward part, depending on how you feel about rollercoasters. 

Either way, the team has been struggling. Last night, they rectified that to some extent. The Clippers walked away with a win against the Portland Trail Blazers. 

Did they find their identity in the process?

LA Clippers star says team found their identity

"This was a swag game for us. Get our rhythm back, get our swag, and find our identity again"

James Harden

Clippers fans will love to see this. The subject of their identity has been prominent lately. According to Harden, this team remembers who they are. 

That makes sense. What defines a team's identity? Their strengths and weaknesses on the basketball floor. Harden and Russell Westbrook have been injured. Without them, the Clippers are lacking an offensive identity. 

To be more specific, they've been lacking a primary playmaker. Harden finished with 14 assists and just 3 turnovers last night. With Harden on the floor, this offense looks much more dynamic.

The Clippers have also been a disappointing defensive team in 2023-24. This roster should be strong on that end of the floor, but the Clippers have been in the middle of the pack. Against the Blazers, they were able to force 7 turnovers in the third quarter. 

Did they do enough to establish their identity?

LA Clippers need to assert identity against playoff teams

It's worth noting that the Trail Blazers are - well, the Trail Blazers. They've been one of the worst teams in the NBA this season. The Clippers were supposed to take care of business last night, and they did. 

Still, it must have felt good to get a win. Perhaps that's what they needed. The Clippers were able to play their game last night. Now, they need to apply those principles against higher levels of competition. 

Soon enough, they'll have that opportunity. The Clippers' next matchup is a rematch with the Blazers. After that, they square off with the Philadelphia 76ers, the Indiana Pacers, the Sixers again, and the Orlando Magic. 

Hopefully, they've permanently solidified their identity.