3 ways the LA Clippers can find their 'identity'

The LA Clippers look lost. How can they find their identity?
The LA Clippers look lost. How can they find their identity? / Harry How/GettyImages
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The LA Clippers are an NBA team having an identity crisis. At least they know it. 

He's got a point. The Clippers have lost four of their last five contests. This team is on a skid. Meanwhile, the stakes are painfully high. The aging, contending Clippers are entering an offseason wrought with uncertainty. 

Paul George can hit free agency. So can James Harden. If the Clippers still look directionless following the postseason, they may be forced into a direction they don't wish to travel. How can they fix this? 

3. LA Clippers need to decide on front court rotation 

We were certain that P.J. Tucker's days were numbered. Daniel Theis had comfortably claimed his place in the rotation. As it turns out, that was never the case. 

Tucker has seen significant playing time in the Clippers' last two games. By contrast, Theis has barely been on the floor. Perhaps the Clippers see some value in Tucker after all. 

That's reasonable. Tucker is one of the grittiest role players in NBA  history. He has championship experience. The Clippers can justify prioritizing him over Theis. 

Still, they need to set their priorities. We're not saying that the Clippers need to definitively decide on either Tucker or Theis. Having a wealth of options is valuable in the postseason. 

Here's what we're saying: to find some rhythm for the remainder of the regular season, the Clippers may want to settle on which of these two is receiving the lion's share of the minutes. This team looks discombobulated, and establishing a more consistent rotation could put their house in order.