LA Clippers star does something we've never seen before

James Harden had some fun with his LA Clippers teammates last night.
James Harden had some fun with his LA Clippers teammates last night. / Harry How/GettyImages

James Harden of the LA Clippers is one of the most singular talents in NBA history. During his athletic prime, he was a marvel. Those days are behind him, but Harden remains a star-level contributor. 

We've grown accustomed to seeing him do things we've never seen before. Typically, we're talking about 60-point triple-doubles or 30-point game streaks. For some time, Harden was producing offense on a level that only the late Wilt Chamberlain had exceeded. 

Last night, Harden once again treated us to a never-before-seen spectacle. With that said, this one was a little different. Harden didn't exceed any meaningful statistical markers last night. 

He still did something that made our jaws drop. 

LA Clippers star defends his teammate

In all likelihood, you watched the game. If you didn't, you've surely seen the clip. Let's make sure of that - just in case:

Let's be honest: Harden has never been known for his defensive acumen. If anything, this was one of the hardest closeouts of his career. 

We're joking. Still, this was beyond the pale. We've never seen a player defend his own teammate's shot before. What was Harden thinking? 

LA Clippers star was lightening the mood 

Harden was, as the kids say, "trolling". This was a gag. It couldn't have come at a better time for the Clippers.

If you've got an issue with this, you may want to lighten up. Harden won't close out his teammate's three-point attempts in the postseason. The game was in hand, and he decided to share some laughter with his teammates. 

These LA Clippers needed that. It's been a trying time for this team recently. We've heard all the talk of the Clippers losing their identity. There wasn't much joy surrounding this team. 

That can spell disaster in the NBA. At the end of the day, these guys are human. If they aren't finding fulfillment in their work, they won't work as well. The Clippers needed some levity, and Harden provided it. 

He did something unprecedented in the process.