LA Clippers overwhelm opponent with efficiency

Paul George of the LA Clippers couldn't miss last night
Paul George of the LA Clippers couldn't miss last night / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The LA Clippers have got the Trail Blazers' number. That shouldn't come as a surprise. These two teams are on opposite ends of the NBA's Western Conference. 

Still, the Clippers can only beat the team that's in front of them. That team has defeated the Trail Blazers in consecutive contests. Last night, the Clippers handed them a 125-117 loss. 

LA Clippers score with ruthless efficiency

The Clippers shot 44/77 (57.1%) from the field and 14/33 (42.4%) from three-point land. Paul George had 31 points on 10/14 shooting from the field, and Kawhi Leonard chipped in 22 on 9/15 shooting. James Harden finished with 15 points on 5/13 shooting from the field, but he still contributed to the team's efficiency with 10 assists and only 2 turnovers. 

This team is difficult to beat when the Clippers' stars are producing at that level. The machine was running. Harden was stirring the drink, and the cup ran over for George and Leonard. 

With that said, they weren't the only players to satiate their thirst. 

LA Clippers get surprise contribution from role player

With this Clippers team, there's a "next man up" mentality after the stars. Last night, that man was, in fact, a Mann. 

Terrance Mann finished with 20 points on 7/12 shooting from the field. That comfortably exceeds his season-wide average of 8.5 points per game. Last night, Mann feasted on the gravity of his star teammates.

Any fan of the LA Clippers knows how valuable Mann is. He's a quality defender and reliable floor spacer who plays selflessly. Last night, he was something more than that. 

Given his performance, how was the score of this one so close? 

LA Clippers opponent makes fourth quarter run 

In all fairness, Leonard and George sat for the entire fourth quarter. The Blazers almost took advantage of their absence. They outscored the Clippers 37-24 in the final frame. 

To an extent, this was a case of "garbage time". Still, give the Blazers credit. They lost Anfernee Simons to an injury in the third quarter, and they still fought. If this one had gotten much closer, the Clippers may have put Leonard and George back in the game. 

In the end, that wasn't necessary against the Blazers.