LA Clippers host injury-riddled opponent

The LA Clippers will need to contain Tyrese Maxey
The LA Clippers will need to contain Tyrese Maxey / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Every team in the NBA deals with injuries. At times, that's been a particularly challenging task for the LA Clippers. They roster several players who routinely find themselves on the injury report. 

With that said, they should not be complaining to Sixers fans. They've had their own challenges in that department. Tonight, they'll have to try to overcome those challenges as these two teams square off. 

LA Clippers opponent missing MVP candidate 

Most notably, the Sixers will be without Joel Embiid. If you hadn't noticed, he's pretty good at basketball. Embiid was the 2022-23 NBA Most Valuable Player, and he had every opportunity to repeat that accomplishment in 2023-24. 

In March, the Sixers have an Offensive Rating (ORtg) of 108.1, which ranks 26th in the NBA. They've got a solid Defensive Rating (DRtg) of 111.6 (10th), but that amounts to a negative Net Rating of -3.5 and a 5-7 record. 

By contrast, the LA Clippers have a 118.1 ORtg (6th) and a 115.6 DRtg). That's a Net Rating of 2.5 and a 7-5 record. All told, the Clippers should be heavily favored in this matchup. 

LA Clippers have injuries of their own 

Granted, the Clippers don't have a full roster at their disposal. Russell Westbrook remains out, and Norman Powell and P.J. Tucker are both questionable for tonight's contest. Otherwise, Kyle Lowry and the recently added Kai Jones are out for the Sixers. 

Sure, the Clippers will miss Powell if he isn't available. Tucker has been turning a corner recently as well. 

Let's be serious. The Sixers are missing an MVP candidate. The Clippers will enter this contest as favorites as a result. With that said, they shouldn't take the Sixers lightly. 

LA Clippers need to contain star guard

After all, the Sixers still have a star player. Tyrese Maxey is averaging 24.6 points and 5.0 assists per game during March. 

To stop the Sixers, the goal is to contain Maxey. He's comfortably the best player on this team. Clippers fans will enjoy watching him go toe to toe with his former mentor James Harden. 

It's a shame Joel Embiid won't be involved in the action.