Former LA Clippers legend expresses worries about the team

A former member of the LA Clippers thinks the team needs Russell Westbrook back
A former member of the LA Clippers thinks the team needs Russell Westbrook back / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

The truth can be subjective. Unless you're talking about NBA legend and former LA Clippers player Paul "The Truth" Pierce. In that case, The Truth is always the truth. 

At least, Pierce will always give you his version of reality. Pierce is one of the most outspoken retired superstars in the NBA. That's why it always made sense for him to team up with Kevin Garnett on a podcast. The Ticket and the Truth is always an entertaining listen. 

That doesn't mean you'll always love what Pierce has to say. For better or for worse, he always speaks his mind. In a recent episode of the show, Pierce expressed that he had "a high worry level" about the Clippers. 

Former LA Clippers legend cites lack of leadership 

Pierce had a lot of thoughts on the current state of the Clippers. Specifically, he's mostly concerned with their ability to right the ship without Russell Westbrook. 

"They don't got no leadership out there right now, with Westbrook out"

Paul Pierce

Pierce has a point. Westbrook has been known as a vocal leader in this league for a long time. By contrast, guys like Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, and Paul George have always seemed more esoteric and aloof. 

This isn't Xs and Os. It's the human element of basketball. If Westbrook is the Clippers' leader, it stands to reason that they're missing his presence. 

Does that spell disaster for the team? 

LA Clippers are getting their leader back

Luckily, it does not. Westbrook should be back soon. If he's the missing piece for this Clippers team, they're about to be whole again. 

Sure, they've backed themselves into a corner. As it stands, the Clippers are the fourth seed in the Western Conference, but they're only a half-game ahead of the New Orleans Pelicans. This team is at risk of losing home-court advantage in the first round - they could even fall behind the Phoenix Suns and slip to sixth place. 

These are valid concerns. WIth that said, it's all about the postseason for the Clippers. If they can start to surge upon Westbrook's return, they should be able to mitigate some of Pierce's concerns. 

In the meantime, he'll continue to give us (his version of) the truth.