This LA Clippers star is making a comeback

The LA Clippers have missed Russell Westbrook
The LA Clippers have missed Russell Westbrook / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

It's been a roller coaster of an NBA season for the LA Clippers. At times, they've looked like a juggernaut. At other times, they've looked like a jugger-not (please forgive us). 

Injuries have partly been to blame. The Clippers have been less healthy than some of their Western Conference rivals. Still, nobody is afforded excuses in the NBA. You have to play the hand that you're dealt. 

Luckily, the Clippers are about to add a valuable card back into the deck. 

LA Clippers star set to return

This is not a drill. Man your stations, people. Russell Westbrook is set to return to action for the LA Clippers

Westbrook's return should bolster this team's title ambitions. Before getting hurt, he averaged 11.1 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game. That is lofty bench production. Westbrook's return will make a difference for this team

LA Clippers star will need to fit back in

When Westbrook went down, he was a bonafide Sixth Man of the Year candidate. In his absence, another Clipper has been contending for that award. How will Westbrook fit alongside Norman Powell? 

In all likelihood, Westbrook will resume his sixth-man role. Powell should get promoted back into the starting lineup. In some respects, that's unfortunate - Powell may not qualify for the award. 

That's a secondary concern. The Kings' Malik Monk is likely running away with Sixth Man of the Year in the first place. The Clippers need to do what's best for the team, which likely means letting Westbrook run the second unit. 

LA Clippers need to stagger their playmakers

After all, Westbrook's on-court fit with James Harden is questionable. They're both best with the ball in their hands. By contrast, Powell is a more portable player who can space the floor. 

Either way, Westbrook's return is a positive. The Clippers have been missing his raw production. Westbrook makes them a more dynamic team with multiple ways to attack. 

He should bring some much-needed stability to the Clippers.