5 LA Clippers at risk of getting traded this summer

Could the LA Clippers move Paul George this summer?
Could the LA Clippers move Paul George this summer? / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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2. P.J. Tucker

Tucker is another member of the LA Clippers with a player option this summer. Who knows? Tucker may decline his option and hit the open market. 

After all, he hasn't seemed too pleased with the Clippers in 2023-24. Tucker may want to seek a larger role elsewhere even if he's leaving money on the table. Otherwise, the Clippers may look to move him anyway. 

We're thinking of a sign-and-trade scenario. Tucker won't net a king's ransom. He's nearing the end of his career, and Father Time is wearing on his game. 

Still - he would fetch something. A rising team may value his veteran presence, and Tucker can still serve a role in an NBA rotation. If the right deal is available, a divorce may be best for both Tucker and the LA Clippers.