4 players in the NCAA tournament that will make LA Clippers fans wish they had a pick

Duke's Jared McCain will not be joining the LA Clippers
Duke's Jared McCain will not be joining the LA Clippers / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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The 2024 NBA draft is considered relatively weak. It's a moot point for LA Clippers fans. The Clippers will be sending their pick to the Washington Wizards by way of the Paul George trade. 

We won't knock the Clippers. A contending team needs to strike while the iron is hot. The trade that sent out Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and multiple first-round picks for Paul George will be debated for years. Still, with Kawhi Leonard in the fold, the Clippers had no choice but to upgrade their roster at all costs. 

Still, it's unfortunate that they can't mine the draft for young, cost-controlled talent. Sure, this class is considered weak. There will still be several intriguing young players available. 

Here are three that might make Clippers fans feel jealous. 

4. Johnny Furphy 

It's often assumed that rookies won't contribute to a contending team. Sometimes, that assumption is misguided. Low-usage role players can impact winning in the NBA from day one. 

Take Kansas' Johnny Furphy. He's a 6'9" wing with a smooth stroke and high-functioning athleticism. In other words, Furphy is exactly the type of player that the Clippers could use right now. 

Granted, his shot has been off recently. We know that shooters tend to be streaky. Furphy has the athletic traits to impact the game in other ways. When his shot starts falling at the pro level, he should be a high-level role player.