A way-too-early trade deadline target for the LA Clippers

Tyronn Lue, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Tyronn Lue, LA Clippers - Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports /

As the LA Clippers currently stand with a record of 10-7, it may be time for the front office to make a trade that will boost the team. Although there are several ideal trades on the market, the Clippers could look to reunite with a former backup center.

Furthermore, the LA Clippers lost their post-dominant big man, Isaiah Hartenstein, in free agency to the New York Knicks. While this move seemed wise for Knicks fans, Hartenstein is slowly losing his spot in the rotation. Not to mention, when he does step on the court, he is not utilized to the best of his abilities.

In addition, Hartenstein is already familiar with head coach Tyronn Lue’s system and how the staff orchestrates both ends of the floor. Fans should also note that the Clippers would not have to give up much to acquire the seven-foot big man. It makes perfect sense for the Clippers to make the trade, as they would receive a center who could contribute immediately.

Moreover, the Clippers would likely acquire Hartenstein for as little as a second-round pick. This trade would also add to the ridiculous amount of depth Lue has to work with in his pursuit of a championship. The front office has no reason not to show interest in Hartenstein, especially considering how phenomenal he was for Lue last season.

Adding Hartenstein to the current roster would be a cherry on top for the LA Clippers.

Last season, Isaiah Hartenstein had impeccable chemistry with the rest of the players on the LA Clippers. As the front office added play-making point guard John Wall in the off-season, Hartenstein would be in a position to succeed off the bench.

Additionally, Hartenstein has been great so far for the New York Knicks. Through 17 games thus far, he is averaging 7.0 points and 7.5 rebounds on 53.8% shooting from the field in only 23.6 minutes. These numbers do not include the paint-presence he provides, which is much-needed for the LA Clippers.

With the way the season has started for the LA Clippers, Hartenstein could put the team over the edge. Lue and his squad are only 1.5 games back from the first seed. Once Hartenstein becomes trade-eligible, the Clippers must make a move instantly before it is too late.

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That said, there should be no reason why the LA Clippers do not continue to move up in the stacked Western Conference, assuming they trade for Hartenstein. They will have the perfect depth at each position, making winning games much more effortless. As the roster works its way back to total health, no team will stand in the Clippers’ way of making history.