How will the LA Clippers utilize John Wall to the best of his ability?

John Wall, Houston Rockets - Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
John Wall, Houston Rockets - Mandatory Credit: Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports /

After making the addition of John Wall, the LA Clippers are in a tier of their own. Given the talent and experience, Wall has, the LA Clippers will inevitably be one of the top teams in the Western Conference. Wall will have an intriguing role on the team next season. With Reggie Jackson in the backcourt and a healthy duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, Wall will encounter responsibilities he has yet to see in his 12 seasons in the NBA.

Head coach Tyronn Lue can utilize Wall in many ways. One player who could benefit the most by playing with Wall is Ivica Zubac. This duo could be a nightmare in the PNR, especially against teams who are undersized at the center position. Even at the age of 31, Wall is still one of the best playmakers in the NBA.

In his last three seasons, Wall has played just over 100 games. Because of this, Lue will have to be extremely cautious about how he manages Wall’s minutes. Furthermore, he has not played a full season of basketball since 2017. After the LA Clippers recently battled through a season brimming with injuries, the last thing they need is their star point guard getting hurt.

John Wall will be expected to show leadership on and off the court

One of the main reasons the LA Clippers added John Wall is because of his fit with Leonard and George. In 2021, the LA Clippers added Rajon Rondo, hoping that he would ease the load on Leonard and George. Although Rondo is a great playmaker, he would tend to become a liability when it comes to scoring and defending. Wall, on the other hand, is one of the best scorers, playmakers, and defenders at the point guard position.

Next season, Wall will be asked to help develop former second-round pick Jason Preston. This is an opportunity for Wall to use his experience to the best of his ability. Preston and Wall have extremely similar skill sets. Since Preston missed all of last season due to a foot injury, being able to learn from a player like Wall could be a career-changing opportunity.

Due to Wall having an injury history before joining the Clippers, he will likely be seen on the bench to start the season. Lue will evaluate how Jackson and Wall perform in their roles and make changes accordingly. Wall would be an excellent piece off the bench along with guys like Terance Mann and Amir Coffey.

Additionally, Luke Kennard is another player who could see more opportunities by playing with Wall. Because Kennard is one of the best three-point shooters in the NBA, the “drive and kick” will be unstoppable. Not to mention, the Clippers also have Nicolas Batum and Norman Powell, who are some of the NBA’s top three-point shooters. Although Wall may not be the scorer he once was, he will still be able to produce at a very high level.

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Next season, the LA Clippers will need Wall to contribute as much as he can. When Wall is at his best, the Clippers are the best team in the NBA and it’s not even close. Although it may take a few games for the chemistry to fully develop, it will be well worth the wait. Adding John Wall was one of the best additions the LA Clippers could have made.