LA Clippers Draft: 3 reasons why Ayo Dosunmu is great fit

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Ayo Dosunmu

Ayo Dosunmu. Mandatory Credit: Alton Strupp/IndyStar via USA TODAY Sports

With the draft coming up in less than a week, the LA Clippers are surely in the heat of their research and scouting for who they want to select with the 25th overall pick.

The Clippers draft strategy may very well have been altered due to the recent Kawhi Leonard injury news.

If so, the Clippers may want to take a wing with their first-round pick. One that I want them to keep an eye on is Illinois Guard Ayo Dosunmu.

No. 3 reason why Ayo Dosunmu is a great fit for the LA Clippers: His offensive skillset

Ayo Dosunmu fits the LA Clippers for a few reasons, and one of the top reasons is what he brings to the table with his skills on offense.

We of course know that the Clippers love to shoot from deep, and Dosunmu showed a lot of improvement with that in this previous college season.

Dosunmu was a 32.9% three-point shooter in his first two years with the Illini. In this past year, he nailed 39% of his three-point attempts. Developing his step-back three-point jumper has paid massive dividends in his potential as an NBA player.

Dosunmu’s quick, and is a good ballhandler. This all is sounding eerily similar to a certain player on the Clippers, isn’t it? Somebody who starred in the playoffs?

That’s because he has a similar skillset to our own Reggie Jackson. A quick, good ballhandler, who can shoot the rock. Not to mention they both can play the two-guard very effectively (Dosunmu’s coming out as a two-guard), and both are good finishers at the cup.

The Clippers like these type of guards. This skillset is valuable in this league, and especially on our team.

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