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LA Clippers Toronto Raptors (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Toronto Raptors (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

We suggest one trade the LA Clippers could make with the Toronto Raptors.

We kick off another week of hypothetical trades for the LA Clippers by making the transition to the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division. Today, we attempt to find a trade with the division-leading, NBA defending champion Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors are having an incredible season, currently sitting as the second seed in the East with a record of 46-18. Toronto has been able to overachieve expectations after losing superstar Kawhi Leonard to none other than the LA Clippers last offseason. They have succeeded with a mix of great defense, depth, and team play as well as the emergence of Paskal Siakam as a bonafide star.

The Raptors make an interesting and difficult trade partner for the Clippers, as both teams are well-set in their rotations and should feel confident in the way their rosters have been constructed headed into the playoffs. There aren’t any obvious holes in either team’s roster or quick and easy fits that mutually benefit both teams.

However, we tried to put something together to give the Clippers another top-of-the-line two-way star while giving Toronto some extra depth a little bit of youth in return.

Why we suggest this trade for the LA Clippers:

Kyle Lowry would give the Clippers another All-Star caliber player to add to their rotation. The 34-year-old point guard is a “win-now” option in the final year of his contract, however, the Clippers would most likely be able to retain him after the season for far less than his current $34.9million price tag.

Retaining Lowry at a lower price could help them hold onto Montrezl Harrell, which should be their main concern going into this offseason.

The Clippers would be sacrificing some of their depth to get a bit stronger on both ends of the floor at the point guard position.

Would the Raptors do it?

Patrick Beverley replaces the backcourt defense the team would lose by giving up Lowry in the trade. He’s also under contract for three more seasons and is three years younger than their current point guard. Landry Shamet provides youth, upside, and offensive depth while Marcus Morris gives the Raptors more frontcourt versatility and an expiring contract to help them hold onto some of their own expiring players, like Fred VanVleet.

If the Raptors think they have a shot at defending their title, there’s no way they make this move. But if they (realistically) are looking towards their near future, moving Lowry for a package like this wouldn’t be a terrible move for the team.

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