LA Clippers: Team’s off-court chemistry matters more in closed campus

LA Clippers (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
LA Clippers (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) /

The LA Clippers’ off-court chemistry will be important as the season ends in Disney.

Ending the season in a closed campus environment at Walt Disney World in Orlando will be odd for everyone. There will be no fans and no homecourt advantage. With that small change, chemistry will be more important than ever. The LA Clippers have been developing that chemistry all along.

It started back in the summer, shortly after Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were acquired. Leonard quickly set up a private minicamp in Miami for the team to come together, get some work done on the court, but most importantly, bond with each other off the court.

Now, just 235 miles north of where that camp was, the team will be essentially living together as they go through a final eight regular-season games and the playoffs. Having that time together will prove invaluable.

It might seem obvious, but off the court tension can affect the team’s play on the court. Having a group that has already come together and has no problem hanging out is a blessing. Granted, since that trip to Miami there have been a few additions. Marcus Morris, Reggie Jackson, and Joakim Noah have all “recently” joined the team and weren’t beneficiaries of that trip.

Oh, wait. The team has still been communicating and even working out together. A report by Shams Charania two weeks ago stated that the team had already begun to have private workouts. Granted, these workouts didn’t have the full squad coming together. The fact that groups of them were working together coupled with the constant Zoom workouts they had during quarantine is nothing but a positive sign. This team enjoys each other and the chemistry they have developed should carry over to the basketball court.

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As they push for a championship, any advantage the Clippers can find is helpful. Having this established chemistry between every player on the roster will serve them well as they come together in Orlando and try to bring home the first title in franchise history.