LA Clippers: Team has been having private workouts together

LA Clippers Kawhi Leonard and Paul George (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Kawhi Leonard and Paul George (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) /

It seems the LA Clippers’ players are coming together for private workouts.

We still don’t know when the NBA will resume (although we are starting to get more and more information) but we do know that the LA Clippers and a bunch of other teams have all started to allow players into their practice facilities.

While these facilities have been only open for special individual uses such as rehabilitation or strength training, apparently that isn’t enough.

Several LA Clippers’ players have been coming together in private to work on the court together.

This report comes via Shams Charania who revealed LeBron James and one to two Lakers’ players at a time were also doing the same.

Shams doesn’t have a ton of details outside of the knowledge that the Clippers have indeed having workouts but he does acknowledge that all safety precautions are being followed by both Los Angeles based teams. Hopefully, in the coming days we will get more details as to what players are working together but given the togetherness he brought this summer, we have to figure Kawhi Leonard is the leader of the group.

From all the reports that we have gotten over the past few weeks, it sounds like the Clippers are going to be as ready as possible for the season to return. The team sent out weight sets, Peloton’s, and other training equipment when the hiatus started. Head coach Doc Rivers also said that the team was going to return in great shape but now that we know the extent the team has really been going.

This season was supposed to be a championship-contending season for the franchise and even though the whole league was derailed, it’s great to see that the players and organization are taking it seriously.

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Every day it feels like we get closer and closer to an official announcement about the season finally resuming. While we wait, it’s good to know the Clippers are staying in shape and are focused. As we wait, make sure you are checking back here for all your LA Clippers’ news, analysis, and more!