Los Angeles Clippers should definitely look to sign Butler in 2019

The Los Angeles Clippers should definitely look to sign Jimmy Butler next summer, especially after new information has come out of Minnesota.

With more news coming out of Minnesota regarding Jimmy Butler, the Los Angeles Clippers should really think hard about trying to sign the All-Star guard next summer when he is due to hit free agency.

If you missed it yesterday, Butler showed up to the Timberwolves practice and began to wreak havoc. He reportedly yelled expletives at players and management, got confrontational and then sat down with Rachel Nichols of ESPN to talk about the whole incident. While the whole thing smelled staged, there were tidbits of relevant info, such as Butler saying that the situation didn’t feel like it could be fixed.

Now, more news regarding Butler is coming out after the Wolves cancelled today’s practice and informed everyone that there would be no media availability.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Butler called a player’s only meeting today in which he told them that he does intend to play and his real problem is with management.

This should excite the Los Angeles Clippers. After talking about their new, competitive mindset they are hoping to establish, management should love the fire they see out of Butler. I mean, if you are looking to build a roster with like minded individuals who are determined to go out and compete night in and night out, wouldn’t adding someone like Butler make sense? This guy is completely frustrated with his team, yet he won’t miss a single game because he is too worried about competing. (Okay, the fact that it could harm his free agency is also a factor)

The team already has a foot in the door, as Butler originally named the Clippers as one of his preferred trade destinations, should he be moved. Now, trading for Butler with the season right around the corner might not make the most sense, but signing him in 2019 could be a different story.

We recently analyzed Butler’s worth to the Clippers and although couldn’t decide if he alone was worth it, noted that by signing him it does open the door to bring in other star players. With two possible max contract spots open next summer, Butler is a likely target.

No matter what happens next in this Butler saga though, LA looks to be sitting pretty. The team will be right in the middle of the playoff battle in a talent heavy Western Conference and can prove themselves as a destination by staying competitive.

If they can manage to do this, Butler may just decide bring his fiery spirit and competitiveness to Los Angeles.