Tyrone Wallace and Los Angeles Clippers disagree on his foreseeable future

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 07: Tyrone Wallace
LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 07: Tyrone Wallace /

Tyrone Wallace and the Los Angeles Clippers have yet to come to terms on a long-term deal that will keep him with the team.

Tyrone Wallace’s representatives are in talks with the Los Angeles Clippers for a contract, but have been unable to negotiate a deal.

The team recently agreed to a deal with C.J. Williams, but have made no advances here.

This was pointed out by LA Times Clipper reporter Brad Turner in a tweet on April 9th.

Tyrone Wallace is currently playing for the Los Angeles Clippers. He was on a two-way contract with the Agua Caliente Clippers and the NBA’s G-League this season.

As of late, Wallace has been playing with an everlasting energy on the court, and looks as if he does not take for granted his time on the court. Wallace plays with a certain energy only G-leaguers produce, because of their hunger to prove themselves in the ¨Big Leagues¨. His representatives want to get the most money off of the Clippers as possible for Wallace´s increasing role on the team.

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With Wallace’s skill set in developing mode, the Clippers can take advantage of his young talent and sign him the deal he wants, or leave their deal on the table and force his hand to make a decision. Tyrone Wallace is one of those guys who is not developed enough to spread the floor yet, but has the ability to aggressively attack the rim and penetrate into the paint seemingly with ease.

His jumper is not there yet, and he struggles to hit outside perimeter three point shots, but development with the Clippers organization would help Wallace tremendously.

Wallace will soon gain the confidence he needs to flourish offensively, and will start to take the right type of shots at the right moment. The way he handles the ball already lends him that lethal silky smooth way of getting to the rim with ease. As a guard that has only been in the league two years, Wallace has definitely proven his worth on the Clippers roster.

Defensively, Wallace is also very active. Averaging a humble 0.9 steals a game guarantees his defensive impact will lead to a potential bucket on the other end.

Why is this so important? Well, Wallace  once again has the potential to be a defensive monster. His wingspan of 6’10” grants him the ability to cause havoc on defense, whether that is ripping the ball out of the defenders grasp or blocking a floater in the lane. Wallace is an asset because of his proven defensive ability and potential defensive ability.

Overall, Wallace could be that piece that ultimately  develops into a top tier player in the league in a short span a year. The Clippers should see potential in a 23 year old player who plays with energy and flash, but also holds himself with class.