3 Overreactions to the LA Clippers 4-0 Start

PORTLAND, OR - OCTOBER 26: Blake Griffin
PORTLAND, OR - OCTOBER 26: Blake Griffin /

The LA Clippers are undefeated and it’s time to overreact.

After the LA Clippers hot start to the new season and the Post-CP3 era, it’s hard to keep expectations in check with reality. That’s the fun part about this team though, no one can possibly know what the ceiling is for this squad. They could be the team to finally over take the Golden State Warriors, or they could be worse than the Chris Paul led teams that under preformed basically every year.

Admittedly these predictions wont likely come into fruition, but not only is it still fun to make them, but there is still a chance I could be spot on. We will just have to wait the season out to see.

1) The Clippers may never lose again!

The start to the season has been nothing short of thrilling for Blake Griffin and company. From the high-flying dunks to the insane buzzer beater, this team has found ways to win ball games. The even cooler part is they don’t even look like they’ve fully clicked yet as a team.

After putting Lavar Ball and his big mouth in its place to start the season, the Clippers have kept their foot on the gas. Outside of the other nights game against the Trailblazers, the Clippers have beaten their opponents by 15+ points every game.

Game after game they’ll continue building the chemistry, and can only get better as a result. The ball movement, while its been pretty spectacular, will continue to get better and more consistent. The same can be said with the already stingy defense, the more game time they have with each other, the crisper the help defense and rotation will get.

So while this team is far from a finished product, they will only get better. The Clipper still have a chance to top the Warriors win record, and we will be here to see it!

2) Patrick Beverley is better than Chris Paul.

If you thought the first overreaction was perfect, you’re in for a treat with this one. I get it sounds crazy, but there is some “logic” to it.

According to the great basketball minds of our generation– The arm-chair GMs and basketball savants of the twitter realm– the more you score the better player you are. So by that logic, the 57 points score by Beverley through 4 games outweighs the measly 4 points scored by CP3 so far this year.

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All jokes aside, I think it’s been understated how important Patrick has been/will be to this team. Beverley is the player you HATE when he isn’t on your team but LOVE when he is. He plays the game the right way and gives 110% all the time. That will be invaluable for the LA Clippers since they seem to have a knack of taking their foot off the gas in past seasons. Chris Paul may be the better player for now, but in this moment, Beverley is better for the Clippers than Chris would be.

3) Blake Griffin will be the 2017/2018 NBA MVP.

This is probably the most accurate overreaction I have. This prediction will come at cost though, because it’s sure to upset my buddy and fellow writer Leo a little bit, since he is a big Greek Freak fan.

This is Blake Griffins year though, I think he upsets Giannis Antetokounmpo– I think I spelled that right– and win the MVP this season. BGs stats so far this season are not only extremely sustainable, meaning they are overly inflated by the small sample size, but they can improve.

On the young season Blake is averaging 26.3 ppg, 9.3 rpg, and 4.5 apg, which is already an outstanding stat line. Now, throw in the fact that he I shooting over 40% from deep, Blake seems to be in for a huge year. If he can stay healthy, and avoid the Kardashian/Jenner curse, I expect Blake to bring home plenty of awards at the end of the year.