Blake Griffin is upset that Kendall Jenner is still a Lakers fan

Blake Griffin and Kendall Jenner aren’t slowing down, but they may have reached their first bump in the road.

According to Hollywood Life (take this with a grain of salt), Kendall Jenner doesn’t care who Blake Griffin plays for – she’ll always be a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. And apparently, Griffin is frustrated.

The two have been seen together in public dozens of times since they began “dating” in September. While their relationship status is unclear, it should be known that they’ve been very clingy together in public. They’ve been on a slew of dates, and they’ve each made comments about each other. Things seem to be getting more and more serious as the days progress, especially now that Kendall was seen at STAPLES on the Clippers’ opening night.

A source close to Kendall told Hollywood Life that “Everything is really cool with them both and they are really interested in being together.” The source continues, “The one thing that upsets him though about her is that she is a Lakers fan and he can’t change that. Its not going to be a deal breaker for their relationship. But it is a little bit of a slap in the face for Blake, since he obviously plays for the Los Angeles Clippers.”

What does this mean for their relationship, then? Probably nothing, but we understand where Griffin is coming from. And we’re sure Jenner supports him, but it just seems odd that she would root against his team when they play the Lakers.

Griffin is already having an MVP-caliber season. He’s averaging 26.3 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game. Most notably, though, is his three-ball. He’s cranked his percentage up to 43.5, an impressive 13 points better than his career average of 30.9%.

Could Jenner be the driving force behind Blake’s improved numbers? Perhaps we’ll just have to wait and see.