Clippers Poll: Would you trade DeAndre Jordan for Dwight Howard?


Here’s a fun hypothetical: Would you trade Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan for the “disgruntled” Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard?

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but according to reports and sources, Dwight Howard is unhappy in Houston. Howard himself says he isn’t unhappy and the rumors of him wanting out of the team he joined three summers ago are false, but if we’ve learned anything its to not comments in regards to rumors from athletes at face value — besides, this storyline involving Howard has a prequel (Orlando).

Let reporters and their sources tell it, one team Howard has been connected to is the Miami Heat, who’d be offering up their 2014-15 breakout star in Hassan Whiteside, so if we’re to believe this, the Rockets are in the market for a center to replace the soon-to-be free agent in Dwight.

With all of that said, it’s time to have some fun with another hypothetical: if the offer was on the trade would you agree with trading for Dwight Howard if Daryl Morey asked for DeAndre Jordan + salary cap filler in return?

I know you’re wondering why the Clippers would trade its 27-year-old in-his-prime center in Jordan for the declining, oft-injured Dwight Howard, but the reality of the situation is Howard, with all of his issues, is the better player of the two, and it may not be close.

Where Jordan is expected to thrive, on defense, Howard has made a Hall of Famer career, and in a system where he isn’t misused on offense and sought out for shot attempts — Howard currently averages a career-low 8.3 attempts per game — it’s not hard to believe we’ll see a better Howard, aka more effort. In minutes without Blake Griffin, Howard could be a focal point in the offense, the opposite of what Jordan could ever be due to his limited skill set, and he’d still get Jordan-esque feeds in the half court as Griffin and Chris Paul remain two of the best passers at their positions.

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In the process, the Clippers hope for a rejuvenated performance on the defensive end from Howard. Through the 2015-16 season, Howard’s defense has been less than stellar, in comparison to his previous self and the rest of the NBA. Per NBA Stats, Howard is allowing opponents to shoot 50.8% at the rim; last season, that number stood at 45.7% and in 2013-14, 48.3%. If Jordan can 1) stay healthy and 2) better focus on defense, the Clippers will be better for it. They lack wings to be an elite defense but having a D12 tale under the rim makes them better than before, and finally gives Doc Rivers the Defensive Player of the Year talent he wishes Jordan to be.

If Howard’s presence doesn’t push the Clippers further into the playoffs than before or dealing personalities cause him to hate his time in Los Angeles again, the two parties could part ways in the offseason given Howard declines the player option attached to his contract. By doing so, Howard could once again find himself a max free agent and the Clippers could free up space to make offseason additions for attempt number four at a championship in the Chris Paul-Blake Griffin-Doc Rivers era (if Rivers isn’t fired and all that good stuff).

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Let us know below in the poll where you stand on this hypothetical Howard-for-Jordan trade, and in the comment section.