What players should the LA Clippers replace Paul George with?

Paul George, LA Clippers
Paul George, LA Clippers / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As the LA Clippers concluded their 2023-24 regular season with yet another first-round exit, the urgency to address the future of franchise superstar Paul George is becoming more pronounced. Speculations are rife, with some anticipating a long-term extension to keep him in LA, while others foresee him declining his player option and exploring free agency. Regardless of George's decision, the Clippers are compelled to move forward, with two-way stud Kawhi Leonard having already signed a mid-season extension.

If George chooses to opt into his player option, the front office will have the choice to keep him for another season or trade him for a star of his caliber. However, due to his age, injury history, and postseason performance, he could also be shipped elsewhere. 

In the trade market, several stars are available. The Clippers may swap talents with another championship contender or look for a team that missed the playoffs and propose a package that benefits both parties.

The LA Clippers should pursue a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With Paul George's postseason performance raising concern, the LA Clippers should consult with a team like the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have multiple stars available for trade, and Cleveland will be desperately looking to add a superstar and build around what they already have. 

The Clippers' most viable option to trade for is five-time all-star Donovan Mitchell. His complete arsenal and ability to complement the offensive talents of James Harden and Kawhi Leonard to the fullest extent could be a game-changer for the team. This trade would be a dream come true for Clipper fans, and it would likely cost the team George and a future second-round pick.

Statistically, Mitchell is as good as it gets. This season, he averaged 26.6 points, 6.1 assists, and 5.1 rebounds on a true shooting percentage of 59.5, the second-best of his career. If he met the 65-game minimum, he would, without a doubt, be in the discussion for an All-NBA honor.

Four free agents the LA Clippers' front office should dive into this offseason. Four free agents the LA Clippers' front office should dive into this offseason. dark. Next

That said, acquiring Mitchell should be a priority for the Clippers' front office. Mitchell could also be frustrated with Cleveland's performance, leaving him no option but to request a trade. Furthermore, if Micthell wants out, LA's front office will have an absurd amount of leverage in bringing him to Intuit Dome next season.