NBA Rumors: The worst pitched Paul George/Clippers trade yet

Yes, another mocked LA Clippers trade centered around Paul George.
Los Angeles Clippers v Atlanta Hawks
Los Angeles Clippers v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

The Paul George sweepstakes have monopolized the Los Angeles Clippers off-season. 

George's playoff stink has worn off in record fashion as teams around the league have set their sights on his services. The familiarity with the club and hometown advantage keep the Clips firmly in the driver's seat to retain their star. There's still a lingering disconnect, as management seems reluctant to back up the Brinks trucks due to his advanced age and lengthy injury history. 

So what if George does walk? After another All-NBA-caliber season, the timing seems ludacris. With each passing day without an extension, the chances of a deal getting ironed out appear bleaker. Losing him for nothing isn't an option—the franchise would have to get creative. 

Bleacher Report content creator Connor Thoms explored the sign-and-trade avenue while pitching one of the most preposterous mock trades in recent memory. 

"Maybe Paul George doesn't want to stay in LA, and Atlanta seems like a spot he could go and try to compete," Thoms said. "I would send over Deandre Hunter, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Kobe Bufkin, and the first-overall pick. It may feel like a lot, but that first spot isn't as valuable this season as it is in other years."

Connor Thom's Mock Trade

This is the most ridiculous Clippers' mock trade in recent memory

This has to be one of the most laughable fake trades I've ever seen, and I'm old enough to remember when Laker fans convinced themselves that Talen Horton-Tucker had superstar value. Where do I even start?

In January, Kawhi Leonard got an extension through 2027. That move signals that this team envisions contending soon with Leonard as the organization's nucleus. So why would the roster entertain a youth movement?

No matter how uninspiring the 2024 Draft class appears on paper, getting a crack at the entire field is intriguing. French center Alex Sarr is at the top of many draft analysts' big boards. His archetype seems more similar to that of Robert Williams than to that of Joel Embiid. He's a physical on-ball defender with a perfect build for today's game. The offensive game is raw, but there are some glimmers of hope.

He's not the surefire bet that his fellow countryman Victor Wembanyama was last year, but it's hard to imagine that he doesn't carve out a viable role for himself in the league. The problem is that it could be years from now, and for a team obsessed with winning, is that worth the risk? The NBA revolves around getting buckets, and guys who can't at a high level aren't particularly valued. 

The rest of the deal features some lackluster bench fodder. Few players offer more uneventful minutes than Deandre Hunter. He is a first-ballot "wait, he's still on the floor" Hall of Famer. Bogdan Bogdanovic is a dynamic microwave scorer who can create his own offense and shoot the leather off the basketball. He often struggles to close games because of his defensive ineptitude, and he is nothing more than an awesome sixth man. Kobe Bufkin was a first-round pick last year who struggled to crack the woeful Hawks rotation.

Atlanta has no reason to mortgage its future for the aging George. LA can't justify muddling its timeline more than it already has. If the Clips want to move on from George, they must either dump Leonard and commit to a full rebuild or get more established talent to replace his production.