Source reveals Clippers may be making disappointing free agency mistake

One source has a theory about the Clippers' plan for the remainder of free agency, and it could derail this team in the long-term.
Norman Powell, Russell Westbrook, Amir Coffey
Norman Powell, Russell Westbrook, Amir Coffey / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The 2024 offseason has been marked by change for the LA Clippers. After falling in disappointing fashion to Dallas in the playoffs, the Paul George free agency decision seemed to be looming over everyone's heads. With George now out of the picture, the transition to next season can resume.

When the 2024-25 season tips off, the Clippers will have a much different roster and be in an entirely new situation wherein they will finally own their own arena for the first time in franchise history. Paul George was and still is a very solid piece to any team, but losing him feels refreshing in a way. LA is now allowed to move forward into a new time and place.

Management has been bold in making moves to improve the Clippers' roster so far, and fans should largely be thrilled at their decision-making. They managed to replace George with one of the top free agent wings on the market in Derrick Jones Jr., while adding several defensive-minded pieces around him as well.

The roster that is beginning to come together for next season feels even deeper and more well-constructed than last year's already. But the Clippers could still be walking into a trap if they think this roster as is will allow them to compete for a championship. According to NBA writer Keith Smith, the front office may already be done making moves in free agency.

“I think the Clippers are pretty much done," said Smith. "I think the reported moves are what you’re gonna get."

Standing pat would be a massive mistake for the Clippers

Let's do a quick recap. To start off free agency, the Clippers made sure to re-sign James Harden, an excellent move that lessens the blow of George departing. From there, they made their big acquisition in getting Derrick Jones, then added Kevin Porter Jr. along with Nic Batum, Kris Dunn and Mo Bamba.

All these are solid moves, but this roster is still a ways away from being a true championship-level one. It made a lot of sense to hear rumors that the Clippers were pursuing another wing advantage creator in Miles Bridges, but the team clearly struck out as he will reportedly re-sign with the Hornets.

That leaves this team still at least one player away from being at the level they need to be at. The Western Conference is still just as stacked as last season, if not more so. Kawhi Leonard is not getting any younger, and depth will be as important as ever.

Giving up now and putting this team out on the hardwood as is next season would be a little short-sighted. Fans should hope that Steve Ballmer stays aggressive and looks to continue making the necessary improvements this roster needs.