Cam Christie shows off new Clippers jersey design at rookie photoshoot

The rookie gave Clippers fans an up-close view of the team's new threads for next season.
Cam Christie, LA Clippers
Cam Christie, LA Clippers / Luke Hales/GettyImages

As the LA Clippers begin a new era and move into the brand new Intuit Dome next season, there is plenty for fans to be excited about. It will be the first time in the team's history that the Clippers have actually owned their own home arena, and fans can attend home games knowing that they are in their team's house and no one else's.

That alone will bring a greater sense of camaraderie to the Clippers' fanbase. Beyond that, the team will also be sporting a new set of uniforms that is part of the franchise's rebrand announced in February. Further leaning into the Clipper name, the new logo features an impressive ship with the letter "C" encircling it.

Along with the logo are three new signature uniforms, featuring the beloved cursive Clippers wordmark across the front. 2024 second-round pick Cam Christie was recently pictured showing off the navy version of the new jersey at his rookie photoshoot.

Cam Christie showed off the Clippers' new uniform

We have seen plenty of graphics featuring the Clippers' new uniforms, but we have scarcely seen them live and in person. Christie's pose with his newly-christened number 12 jersey is one of the first public appearances of the new uniform set.

Several fans replied to the original tweet expressing their love for the new jersey. Seeing how the uniforms make a call back to previous eras of Clippers basketball while also bringing something new to the table, it is easy to see why their style is already so appreciated.

Clippers fans can look forward to their favorite players donning these jerseys in every game when the 2024-25 season tips off.