ReGrade the Trade: LA Clippers make blockbuster move for superstar guard

The LA Clippers made a huge investment in James Harden. Was it worth it?
The LA Clippers made a huge investment in James Harden. Was it worth it? / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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LA Clippers acquire superstar

Sixers GM Daryl Morey has a reputation. He's a star-chaser. If Morey is involved in a deal, he's typically receiving the best player.

Interesting. Unless you're a diehard Robert Covington fan, you'll have to acknowledge that the Clippers got the best player in this deal. This is not a typical Dary Morey trade.

At the same time, Harden's market was limited. Whenever a player requests a trade, they become a distressed asset. When a player has requested as many trades as Harden, a lot of teams won't touch them with a ten-foot pool.

The Clippers were an exception. They needed a point guard. Harden is a Los Angeles native. As one of Harden's few suitors, they were essentially able to name their price.

That's not to say that they got him for free. The Clippers gave up significant assets for the Beard. As a result of this deal, they're almost entirely bereft of future draft capital.

That's fine. Contenders are supposed to spend their assets. In time, we can all expect Morey to send out these picks in exchange for another star. This deal, in all likelihood, was a stopgap for the Sixers.

For the Clippers, it was their last stand. This is the final form of this team. Either the LA Clippers will win a championship with this core, or they'll have to rebuild.

Was acquiring Harden worth the risk?