Paul George comments on Friday night's officiating

Paul George, LA Clippers
Paul George, LA Clippers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

After winning three games in a row, the LA Clippers finally dropped one on Friday night at home against the Pelicans. The loss officially eliminated the Clippers from In-Season Tournament contention.

There were a few storylines to follow from this one. After a slow first quarter, it was primarily the play of Paul George and Norman Powell that kept LA in the game. The Clippers battled hard, but fell just short to a talented New Orleans squad.

After the game, there were some obvious tensions about the outcome of the contest. Russell Westbrook decided to leave without speaking to the media, while Paul George had some choice words about the officiating that took place during the game.

Paul George had some choice words about the officiating on Friday

Finishing the game on Friday with 34 points on 14-for-30 shooting and eight rebounds, Paul George still did not feel he was officiated as well as he could have been.

"It's frustrating," said George, when asked about the referees. "For a guy who constantly gets hit. Whether it's jump shots, attacking the basket, it's just frustrating." Many players in the association have a gripe with how their game is called, but they typically understand why they have to control how they speak about that.

"It's deeper than what I can answer, to be honest," George said. "Because if I answer it, I get fined for it. It's a continuous thing that happens. So quite frankly, I don't know what else to do." Watching the video, the dismay and disappointment on George's face is palpable.

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Many star players in the NBA feel the same way Paul George does. This is just something else the Clippers will have to keep working through to become the best version of themselves they can be.