New report hints that Miles Bridges could be a Clipper soon

There is reported mutual interest between Bridges and the Clippers.
Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

Over the course of the last several days, the LA Clippers have been dealing with the aftermath of Paul George's free agency decision. The Clippers' former wing departing for Philadelphia left them with a big hole on their roster, which they have worked hard to fill so far.

LA's front office secured deals with Derrick Jones Jr. and Nic Batum to sure up the frontcourt, while new signings Kris Dunn and Kevin Porter Jr. will provide some extra insurance in the backcourt. As free agency rolls on, one more name has been connected with the Clippers: Miles Bridges.

As an unrestricted free agent, the Charlotte Hornets' forward is reportedly interested in joining the Clippers. According to Rod Boone of the Charlotte Observer, "Bridges sees how Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is not averse to giving players second chances, and wouldn't mind being a part of an environment that includes opening up the Clippers' new home arena, the Intuit Dome (subscription required)."

Additionally, the interest between the two parties is mutual. Brad Turner of the LA Times reported that "the Clippers have interest in signing free-agent forward Miles Bridges, according to people with knowledge of the situation not authorized to speak publicly."

There is mutual interest between the Clippers and Bridges

For starters, desire to make a deal happen from both parties will always suggest a trade is more likely to occur in theory. But on top of that, Bridges would also be a fantastic fit on this Clippers roster. Getting one more slashing forward with athleticism to boot would be an excellent way to round out this current roster.

Coming off a suspension and not playing at all in the 2022-23 season, Miles returned to the court in November 2023, and he put up a fantastic campaign. Taking more than a year off from professional basketball would usually hamper any player to some degree, but Bridges proved he was ready to pick up right where he left off as a fringe All-Star during the 2021-22 season.

Miles came into this past season playing well, but his game opened up even more when LaMelo Ball was forced to miss time, allowing Bridges to become an even greater focal point of the Hornets' offense. For the rest of the year, he showed off his three-level scoring ability and helped keep Charlotte's offense aloft.

The question of whether or not Bridges will end up in a Clipper jersey simply comes down to the contract situation. Any scenario where he begins next season outside Charlotte would have to involve a sign-and-trade, and Miles is looking for a relatively hefty contract. The Clippers will have to think hard about how willing they are to commit a lot of money to yet another player on the roster.