NBA Rumors: Clippers have specific strategy for upcoming trade deadline

The Clippers have one thing in mind as the trade deadline approaches.
Mason Plumlee, Rudy Gobert, LA Clippers
Mason Plumlee, Rudy Gobert, LA Clippers / David Berding/GettyImages

Three weeks remain until the 2024 NBA trade deadline, and LA Clippers management is doing their due diligence. While the team is continuing to trend upward and is currently looking like one of the most lethal squads in the NBA, they are still doing their best to make improvements where applicable.

Obviously, the team has few if any concerns in its starting rotation. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George continue to work excellently next to James Harden, Ivica Zubac has been enjoying one of his best seasons, and Terance Mann has shown how reliable he is as well.

A recent report showed where the Clippers are focusing their efforts ahead of the trade deadline. According to ESPN Senior Writer Zach Lowe, LA is looking to acquire a 'tweener forward' or a 'backup center' in three weeks or less.

The Clippers are looking to add a forward or center at the deadline

This report mostly matches up with what we have seen from what we have seen to be the Clippers' biggest needs on the court. Since they traded away Robert Covington, Nic Batum, Marcus Morris and KJ Martin, their wing depth has been thinner than we have typically seen in recent years. Acquiring a capable wing to come off the bench could certainly benefit them.

It is the Clippers' desire for another backup center that is the more surprising part of this report. They recently got Mason Plumlee back from injury, and Daniel Theis had played very well for a prolonged stretch as well. Zubac is currently sidelined due to injury, but it would seem the Clippers already have two reliable players to fill in at center in his absence.

There is always the possibility LA is looking at trading one to acquire what will be a more reliable piece in the long-term. Either way, it does not appear the Clippers will be standing pat at the 2024 trade deadline.

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