LA Clippers final month stock watch: 2 risers, 2 fallers

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This version of the LA Clippers was built for the playoffs. Throughout this entire 2023-24 NBA season, fans of the team have been on standby. These games matter...but at the same time, they don't matter. 

Life is full of contradictions. It's also full of surprises. The Clippers likely expected to be higher than fourth in the Western Conference standings with a month remaining in the season. Yet, that's where they currently sit. Is it time to ring the alarm bell? 

No. We'll reiterate: this team was built for the playoffs. The Clippers can't gauge the success or failure of their season until the postseason is over. By contrast, they can start taking stock of the players on their roster. 

Here are two risers and two fallers. 

Riser: Paul George

Yes, George's stock was already high. It's crept up just an iota. If you haven't noticed, he's been performing exceedingly well in March. 

Specifically, George's three-point efficiency has ballooned. He's knocking down 46.3% of his triples this month. That's a far cry from the 30.4% he shot through a cold, unforgiving April. 

Granted, three-point variance is to be expected in any season. George will likely shoot somewhere between those two extremes when the postseason arrives. Still, it's nice to see his efficiency trending upward.