LA Clippers deliver masterclass in efficiency vs Bulls

Kawhi Leonard put on a show against the Bulls
Kawhi Leonard put on a show against the Bulls / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The LA Clippers are supposed to be a well-oiled machine. In theory, this team isn't supposed to have any holes in their armor. Last night, we saw that theory in practice. The Clippers thrashed the Chicago Bulls by a final tally of 126-111. 

The Clippers shot 60% (48/80) from the field. They shot 50% (20/40) from long range. What? Sorry? 

Trust us - we double and triple-checked the numbers. Sure, the Clippers were an unstoppable force. Anyone with eyes could have seen that. Still, those are strong numbers in NBA2K - with the game on Rookie. 

LA Clippers find unexpected source of playmaking 

Even more impressively, this performance came with James Harden on the sidelines. The Clippers were without their primary playmaker. Luckily, a certain young guard was able to step up in his absence. 

Bones Hyland finished this one with 17 points on 6/9 shooting from the field and 11 assists. That's a Harden-esque line if we've ever seen one. Hyland is a player who's developed a questionable reputation as a shot chucker who prioritizes his individual stats over team success. 

Last night was an impressive step away from that reputation. Hyland played with impressive poise. He was a huge contributor to this decisive win. 

At the same time, his efforts were almost wasted. 

LA Clippers fans should give the Bulls credit 

This was a blowout win. If you only looked at the box score, you might assume that the Clippers mostly had the game in hand. That wasn't necessarily the case. 

DeMar DeRozan cut the lead to 8 in the fourth quarter after a vintage finger roll and an uncharacteristic three. The Bulls refused to lie down in this contest. On the other hand, so did the Clippers. 

The Bulls didn't look like they had a chance from that point onward. The Clippers went on a furious run that didn't end. In the end, the Bulls couldn't overcome their ruthless efficiency. 

Paul George had 28 points on 11/12 shooting from the field. Kawhi Leonard chipped in 27 on 12/17 shooting. With that blend of volume and efficiency, the Clippers couldn't lose. 

Their machine just ran too well.