Clippers put on heartwarming event for local families

Several players have been giving back to the community.
Paul George, LA Clippers
Paul George, LA Clippers / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

During this time of year, there is plenty to celebrate and be thankful for. The LA Clippers have gotten into the holiday spirit by giving back to the Los Angeles community.

Through the LA Clippers Foundation, the team has been putting on events to positively impact their community. Players, coaches and other team employees have sacrificed their time to give back to those in the Los Angeles area.

The most recent activity hosted by the team was the Adopt-A-Family, an annual event the team puts together. At the Adopt-A-Family, team representatives were on hand to put on a dinner, a movie screening, and a gift distribution for over 20 local families. Norman Powell was among the most notable attendees from the Clippers.

The Clippers hosted Adopt-A-Family event

This was only the latest of a series of heartwarming events the Clippers have been putting together for those in the community. On Monday night, Paul George hosted 13 fathers and daughters from different learning centers and nonprofit organizations.

George's event was put on at the American Girl Place Los Angeles, and everyone in attendance was gifted an American Girl Doll of their choice. This came around the same time Russell Westbrook hosted a distribution event where Jordan sneakers were given away to his local school in Los Angeles.

Plenty of people from the Clippers organization have been active in giving back to their community, especially in a time of the year where generosity and caring for others is a point of emphasis.

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It is certainly a nice sight to see Clippers players participating in these events and bringing positive energy to the city when they are not on the court.