9 People who turned their backs on the LA Clippers

Did Chris Paul turn his back on the LA Clippers?
Did Chris Paul turn his back on the LA Clippers? / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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P.J. Tucker

We promised you a journey through the Clippers' oft-bleak history. We will get there. First, let's situate ourselves in the here and now.

Aging is difficult. All we can do is try to accept it with grace and tact. Unfortunately, it seems that P.J. Tucker will not be going gently into the good night. He's been bellyaching about his role with the Clippers all year.

""Sometimes you see it, but the team don't see it like you see it""

P.J. Tucker

What did he expect? Tucker is 38. He's an undersized forward who's played an especially physical brand of basketball throughout his entire career. He could have been a valuable veteran presence for this team's third string. Instead, Tucker has turned his back on the Clippers. He's not the only bruising forward in Clippers history to do just that, either.