5 LA Clippers at risk of getting traded this summer

Could the LA Clippers move Paul George this summer?
Could the LA Clippers move Paul George this summer? / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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1. Paul George

Sorry. We've tapped into your darkest nightmare and put it in writing. That was not kind of us. 

At the same time, we have to operate within the confines of reality. Paul George may not be a member of the LA Clippers in 2024-25. With that in mind, trading him may end up looking like a best-case scenario for the Clippers.  

After all, George has a player option. He could hit free agency. In a sign-and-trade, the Clippers can at least salvage some value. Letting him walk without receiving a return would be a true catastrophe. 

In all likelihood, this comes down to the postseason. If the LA Clippers can win even two series', George is likely to stick around. On the other hand, a first-round exit could be the catalyst for some major changes this summer. 

Of course, we're only speculating.