5 LA Clippers at risk of getting traded this summer

Could the LA Clippers move Paul George this summer?
Could the LA Clippers move Paul George this summer? / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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3. Norman Powell

Ideally, we hope teams will exclusively make trades to upgrade their roster. Don't be naive. Teams make trades with several motivations in mind. 

Sometimes, it's about saving a buck. The Clippers may have to consider financial implications this summer. They'll have to look to retain both Paul George (more on that later) and James Harden in free agency. 

Powell is a good player. He's worth the money he's making. With that said - Powell is getting paid. His contract has an average annual value of $18 million and runs through 2025-26. 

If the Clippers could move him for an expiring deal, they may have to consider that course of action. It won't be easy - Powell is a valuable contributor. That's why he'll have a robust market. 

This could be a difficult needle to thread. The Clippers could look to swap Powell for a less impactful (but still solid) player on a shorter-term deal. Alternatively, they may opt to just keep him no matter how expensive they get.