5 LA Clippers at risk of getting traded this summer

Could the LA Clippers move Paul George this summer?
Could the LA Clippers move Paul George this summer? / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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4. Terrance Mann

We know. Mann is allegedly untouchable. Fair enough. Mann is one of the few young players on this Clippers team with potential. 

Only...is Mann young? At 27, he's theoretically in his prime. It's unlikely that Mann will develop into much more than he already is. So, the question becomes this: who is Mann as a player? 

He's solid. Mann is a career 37.2% three-point shooter. His career Defensive Box Plus/Minus of exactly 0.0 points to a neutral-to-positive defender. In other words, Mann is a decent 3-and-D wing. 

That's a valuable player. He's not an untouchable player. If the Clippers can find a deal that makes their roster better involving Mann, they shouldn't hesitate to move him. 

Otherwise? Keep him! There's no mandate to move Mann. The LA Clippers don't have a pressing need to get him off of the roster. Still, he is someone they should entertain moving at the right price this summer.