4 players in the NCAA tournament that will make LA Clippers fans wish they had a pick

Duke's Jared McCain will not be joining the LA Clippers
Duke's Jared McCain will not be joining the LA Clippers / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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1. Yves Missi

All of the caveats that applied to McCann apply to Missi. He may not be someone who'd contribute to the LA Clippers on day one. If they had the opportunity to nab Missi, they'd be thinking about the future. 

Realistically, the league is trending towards big men like Missi. He can guard across positions. This is a big man with enough lateral mobility to potentially guard wings at the NBA level. 

That's a skill that Ivica Zubac doesn't have. The Clippers are comfortable playing him in drop coverage because they have so much defense on the perimeter. That's fine, but in time, a big man who can guard across positions would allow them to get more creative with their coverage. 

The LA Clippers may think about that down the road. Still, it won't be Missi who helps them revitalize their defense:

Hopefully, that doesn't sting too badly for fans of this team.