4 players in the NCAA tournament that will make LA Clippers fans wish they had a pick

Duke's Jared McCain will not be joining the LA Clippers
Duke's Jared McCain will not be joining the LA Clippers / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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2. Jared McCain

Often, contending teams like the LA Clippers opt to draft for fit. When you're looking at late first-round selections, you're not necessarily looking for star power. Still, there's always a temptation to simply draft the best player available. 

Duke's Jared McCain will have a strong case in what would be the Clippers' draft range. He's a 6'3" guard who can shoot the lights out. Teams are typically looking for players with his skill set. 

After all, McCain isn't just a catch-and-shoot specialist. He can shoot off the dribble, off of screens - however you like it. This is a shooter's shooter. 

Would he crack the Clippers' rotation in 2024-25? It's unlikely. Still, in time, he could give Bones Hyland a run for his money. More broadly, this aging Clippers team needs to be thinking about the future no matter what happens in 2024-25. Unfortunately, McCain won't be a part of it.