4 players in the NCAA tournament that will make LA Clippers fans wish they had a pick

Duke's Jared McCain will not be joining the LA Clippers
Duke's Jared McCain will not be joining the LA Clippers / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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3. Tristan da Silva

In some respects, da Silva is a similar player to Furphy. The Colorado standout is also a 6'9" wing. Like Furphy, he's also been struggling with his shot lately. 

The comparisons end there. Where Furphy weighs just 200 pounds, da Silva weighs in at 220. He's not on the same level as Furphy as a run-and-jump athlete. With that said, he has some elements in his game that Furphy is lacking as well. 

Specifically, da Silva is a fantastic passer. He's averaged 5.0 assists per game throughout the NCAA season. At the pro level, he may primarily function as a three-and-D wing, but da SIlva's floor vision will give him a boost in value as a connective passer. 

Furphy and da Silva should have LA Clippers fans salivating. They'd both be able to fill needed roles on this team. Is there anyone else in the tournament that Clippers fans should pointlessly yearn for?