4 free agents the Los Angeles Clippers should target this summer

Could the Clippers take a flyer on Joe Ingles?
Could the Clippers take a flyer on Joe Ingles? / David Jensen/GettyImages
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1. Nicolas Batum

Be honest: you miss Batum, don’t you? It’s difficult enough to find a quality three-and-D wing in this league. When he doubles as a smart secondary playmaker, you hate to see him leave. 

Batum is the ultimate utility guy. He’s a Swiss army knife who happens to be from France. Like Covington, he found his way to the Philadelphia 76ers as a result of this year’s mid-season James Harden deal. 

For a while, rumors suggested that Batum would retire this summer. Batum has since refuted those rumors. It's not hard to see why - the NBA veteran still has plenty left in the tank.

Why not bring him back? The Clippers know what Batum brings to the table. They know he’d help them make a title push in 2024-25. What they don’t know is how long that opportunity will be available to them. 

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