4 free agents the Los Angeles Clippers should target this summer

Could the Clippers take a flyer on Joe Ingles?
Could the Clippers take a flyer on Joe Ingles? / David Jensen/GettyImages
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2. Robert Covington

Everyone loves a reunion, right? Unless it’s an awkward one. Luckily, there shouldn’t be any bad blood between Covington and the Clippers. Instead, it should be well understood that the Clippers had to move him to bring in James Harden. 

Why not bring him back? Sometimes, it’s best to stick with the devil you know. Covington remains a solid team defender who will knock down open threes. The Clippers don’t need much more than that from any free agent they bring in this summer.

With that said, Covington’s productivity has been waning for years. Sometimes, players earn a reputation on defense, and we don't notice that they no longer deserve it. Covington was once seen as an elite defender, but his 0.7 DWS in 2023-24 barelyt surpass Osman's mark.

Still, he could be a solid addition to this team’s rotation. Covington's familiarity with the Clippers' organization and system could be a benefit. Could a reunion with another wing be more fruitful?