4 free agents the Los Angeles Clippers should target this summer

Could the Clippers take a flyer on Joe Ingles?
Could the Clippers take a flyer on Joe Ingles? / David Jensen/GettyImages
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3. Cedi Osman

Osman can play the 4. He’s a reasonably versatile defensive wing who commands a close-out if he’s putting up a three-ball (37.4% on 3.0 attempts per game). He also happens to be an unrestricted free agent this summer. 

Osman is solid. He’s reliable. This is a player with a championship pedigree. Osman once earned LeBron James’ favor as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Like Ingles, he’s also more of a 3 than a 4. Osman could man either forward position given Tyrone Lue’s wing-heavy philosophy. This is the era of positionless basketball. Osman is a wing, and that's what matters to the Clippers.

More broadly, Osman is a solid defender - but he's not an exceptional one. His 0.6 Defensive Win Shares (DWS) in 2023-24 paint him as a marginal net positive on that end of the floor. Should the Clippers target a defensive specialist?